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Compound Development

Developing advanced materials for the healthcare and medical industry

Advance Compound Materials

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized materials to ensure a balance of performance, processability and component life
  • Maximizing material performance to provide longer life, lower friction, operation at higher temperatures and a broader media compatibility
  • An evolving portfolio to meet the changing needs of the healthcare and medical industry
Meeting Demanding Requirements

The development of polymer materials blends the science of understanding material chemistry and application conditions with the art of balancing a wide range of performance characteristics, to produce the optimum material for each unique customer need.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions material development experts are located in our manufacturing units and R&D centers globally. Constantly keeping ahead of new developments in thermoplastic and elastomer technology, they ensure that we can offer the most appropriate material for any application, however demanding.

Materials are Selected and Developed to ensure:

  • Compatibility with a wide range of media
  • Excellent tribological properties, where needed, to ensure long life in dynamic applications
  • Suitability for robust, high quality manufacturing
  • Accreditation to required standards and regulations
Of particular importance to the healthcare and medical industry are silicone and PTFE based materials. With decades of experience in both of these key materials, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wide portfolio of compounds to suit every application condition and, when required, all relevant standards and approvals.

Making Engineers’ Lives Easier

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a number on online tools and apps to make the engineer’s life easier. This includes a materials search and chemical compatibility tool.

Local Contact

To speak to a local healthcare & medical specialist, call the number listed for your region:

+1 920 682 2448

+86 18602183211

+49 (0) 711 7864 536


Digital Tools


Trelleborg Advances Contract Manufacturing Services for Drug-Device Combination Products At MD&M West 2017, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions successfully highlighted its contract manufacturing services for delivering drug-device components – the combination of any two or three products categories: medical devices, drugs and/or biologics.

#TrelleborgThinkTank Sparks Innovation at MD&M West 2017 MD&M West 2017 is the perfect venue for attendees to share ideas and encourage innovation using the hashtag #TrelleborgThinkTank, an exciting initiative from Trelleborg, the global leader in engineered polymer solutions.

Trelleborg Demonstrates Rapid Medical Device Prototyping and Enhanced LSR Technology at MD&M West 2017 MD&M West 2017 Booths 1605 & 2818 will serve as the perfect platforms for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to emphasize its rapid medical device prototyping that facilitates bringing medical devices to market faster and helps to drive innovation.


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