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Healthcare & Medical Whitepapers

In-depth papers on innovative silicone technology

Our medical device and silicone experts have developed and tested new technology to support innovation in the Healthcare & Medical industry. These whitepapers provide an in-depth look at our findings.

Whitepaper Fighting Hospital Acquired Infection

Fighting Hospital Acquired Infection

Hospital-acquired infections have been decreasing over time, however they still remain a threat to patient safety. Particularly, catheter-associated infections are difficult to prevent due to their inherent positioning both in and outside the body.

Our silicone tubing experts have tested a variety of techniques aimed at reducing bacterial colonization in catheter tubing. This whitepaper outlines these techniques and presents test results proving the effectiveness of the immersion impregnation method in combining an API with silicone tubing to prevent catheter-associated infections.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about combining silicone tubing with APIs to reduce hospital-acquired infections

Whitepaper Drug-eluting Devices

Supporting the Advancement of Drug-Eluting Devices

Drug-eluting combination products are becoming increasingly popular in the treatment and control of medical conditions. Demand for products which release regular controlled doses of drugs precisely and consistently is surging.

Our silicone and medical device experts have tested a variety of methods for adding the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to the silicone component. This whitepaper compares the methods and presents test results proving the effectiveness of the immersion-impregnation method, which potentially opens drug-eluting devices to delivery of a wider range of API.

Download this whitepaper to find out more about the immersion-impregnation method for producing drug device combination products

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Trelleborg Advances Contract Manufacturing Services for Drug-Device Combination Products At MD&M West 2017, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions successfully highlighted its contract manufacturing services for delivering drug-device components – the combination of any two or three products categories: medical devices, drugs and/or biologics.

#TrelleborgThinkTank Sparks Innovation at MD&M West 2017 MD&M West 2017 is the perfect venue for attendees to share ideas and encourage innovation using the hashtag #TrelleborgThinkTank, an exciting initiative from Trelleborg, the global leader in engineered polymer solutions.

Trelleborg Demonstrates Rapid Medical Device Prototyping and Enhanced LSR Technology at MD&M West 2017 MD&M West 2017 Booths 1605 & 2818 will serve as the perfect platforms for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to emphasize its rapid medical device prototyping that facilitates bringing medical devices to market faster and helps to drive innovation.


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